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XRAY T3 R/C Touring Car

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Here is a picture, video and summary of the new XRAY T3 radio controlled 1/10 scale electric touring car designed for the serious racers. Although I love Tamiya, this new XRAY car makes me want to buy one.

XRAY T3 Radio Control Car

XRAY T3 Radio Control Car

A totally new car where the balancing point and geometry have been changed and designed for lipo and brushless motors. Designed to make the car easier to drive and faster. R/C Car Video

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Technical  Specs:

  • Need only 20grams to perfectly balance the r/c car.
  • Motor is moved 4mm more to the center.
  • New bulkheads, arms independently mounted.
  • Bigger angle steering position.
  • More inside roll center position.
  • 1 piece tuneable topdeck.
  • New lipo holders.

Feedback from the XRAY team drivers:

  • More traction, good feeling.
  • Made for lipo, good weight balance even with lower weight limit.
  • Better steering.
  • Different flex characteristics.
  • More mechanical traction, more speed thru the corners.

Overall looks like a great new r/c car from Team XRAY. Visit the rc cars for sale section of this website where you can buy from. .

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