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Team Powers Brushless Motor Checker Dyno

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Here is a photo and video of the Team Powers brushless motor checker / dyno. It is a great tuning tool to have. You can easily check which of your motors are the fastest.


You can check for the rpm, current draw and KV. Here is a video of a Novak 4.5T brushless motor being tested. Amazing to see these motors turn 67,000 rpms.


Here are the technical specs from Team Powers.

Features:  Input voltage: 7.6V -8.6V(Suggested Power Input Source: 7.4V 2S-1P LiPo Battery)  – LCD Screen: Blue Screen, White Text Monitor 

Dimension: 150mm x 80mm x 25mm
Supported Motor: Sensor or Sensorless Brushless motor.
  (i) RC Car Motor: 2.5 Turn or over
  (ii)Flight Motor: Current drawn that is less than 18A without the Loading
Functions Included: 

(i) Endbell Sensor Test

(ii) RPM/KV measurement

(iii) Ampere measurement

(iv) Motor Cycle

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