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Tamiya Brushless Motor 12T and ESC01

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Hi, I just came back from my local hobby shop (Lils Futaba) where I bought a Tamiya brushless 12T with ESC01 combo. This is supposed to be equal to a 23T brushed motor. Cost was relatively cheap at around $132 USD.

I installed it in a Tamiya M05 mini. It is a nice motor, faster than a Sport Tuned but maybe slightly less powerful than a 13.5T brushless. After around 8 minutes of running, the motor is still very cool to touch.

Tamiya Brushless 12T Motor

Tamiya Brushless 12T Motor

Here are some details from the manual:

Tamiya Brushless Motor ( TBLM-01 12T):
Sensorless * 3,160KV (or 3,160rpm/volt) * length = 54mm * diameter = 36mm * weight = 182gm * item 54132 * use exclusively with Tamiya Brushless ESC 01.

Touring car = 6.8 – 8.0
Buggy = 9.0 – 11.0

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8 Responses to “Tamiya Brushless Motor 12T and ESC01”
  1. doros says:

    motor audley stock 540 how many turn this motor,i am not sure but iam already use this motor,now speed control can not support

  2. rccarsrtr says:

    doros, not sure about audley stock 540. but normally the 540 motors are 27 turn.

  3. Rob says:

    Hi Joel, great site you have here. I am planning to upgrade to brushless power, and would like to know if this is a good combo to start with. I’ve been using a Tamiya 23T Super Stock motor, but the last time I was at JP Raceway, my TT01 (geared at 6.85) was being smoked at the straightaway by M05s powered by Sport Tuned motors. My motor is pretty old (I have gone through 4 pairs of brushes already) and I do not have a comm cutter and that’s why the power is gone. Would this set be a good upgrade, or should I cough up the extra cash (I think around double the price) for a decent 13.5 motor/ESC combo? If so, what would you recommend? I have slowly upgraded all my gear, (first lipo batteries and charger, then radio gear to 2.4) so next up is this, before I finally upgrade to a more competetive kit. Thanks for your time.

  4. rccarsrtr says:

    Hi Rob,

    If your goal is to play, the Tamiya brushless combo is good. Also a lot of racers are selling their good ESCs as Tekin is the ESC to have for 13.5 racing. For escs I have tried Novak GTB, Tamiya, Nosram Stock Spec. All are good to me, with Nosram being very good.

    Gearing for 23T tamiya is usually 5.6. For 13.5T brushless around 4.8 to 5.0.

    If you want to race 13.5 competitively, the ESC you need is Tekin RS Pro. Motors are usually Team Powers and SpeedPassion version 3.

    And if you can, maybe sell the TT01 and buy a TA05 version 2.

    Hope this helps. See you next time in JP.

  5. rccarsrtr says:


    P.S. Maybe buy a Mini instead? hehe just kidding.


  6. Rob says:

    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for your input. The friendly people I’ve spoken with at JP also recommend the Tekin RS Pro, however it must be purchased abroad, and is always out-of-stock since the demand is pretty high. They also advised me to buy a second hand top-level kit like a 416 or 416WE instead of buying a new TA05 since it will cost a lot more than the 416 to fully upgrade it.

    Actually the idea of buying a mini is really enticing, it really looks like a fun class and a great way to start racing. The only reason keeping me from buying a mini is the fact that my current lipo batteries will not fit the minis :( I will have to buy two new packs and that raises the price quite a bit.

  7. Joel says:

    Hi Rob,

    You only need one lipo batt. I’m selling my used (but still good) orion 3200/20c that I use in my mini’s for just Php 1,100.

    If you are going to race TC in JP, in the stock class, most important is to buy the tekin. then budget for tires. for chassis, a bone stock ta05 version II is good enough (just buy a front spool and solid center pulley). the TC crowd also have their mini races alongside the TC.

    If you don’t have tekin, you are at least 0.6 sec slower per lap (i.e. maybe 5 car lengths down the straight). It’s a big difference and unfortunately it’s hard to buy that esc. but just join and we can have our own fun racing in the B main 😉