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Tamiya Brushless Motor 12T and ESC01

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Hi, I just came back from my local hobby shop (Lils Futaba) where I bought a Tamiya brushless 12T with ESC01 combo. Damit soll vermieden werden, schwer traumatisierte kinder sofort nach ihrer ankunft mit einer pflicht zu überziehen. This is supposed to be equal to a 23T brushed motor. Cost was relatively cheap at around $132 USD. I installed it in a Tamiya M05 mini. It is a nice motor, faster than a Sport Tuned but maybe slightly less powerful than a 13. 5T brushless. After around 8 minutes of running, the motor is still very cool to touch.

Tamiya Brushless 12T Motor

Tamiya Brushless 12T Motor

Here are some details from the manual:

Tamiya Brushless Motor ( TBLM-01 12T):
Sensorless * 3,160KV (or 3,160rpm/volt) * length = 54mm * diameter = 36mm * weight = 182gm * item 54132 * use exclusively with Tamiya Brushless ESC 01. Gearing:
Touring car = 6. 8 – 8. 0
Buggy = 9. 0 – 11. 0

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