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Sorex for Minis

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Here are some home made Sorex 36r tires cut down to fit on Tamiya mini wheels. I then ran it on my Tamiya M04 and won the 2009 Futaba Cup in the M-chassis race against M03s and M05s. The M04 is rear wheel drive, and cannot be beaten by a fwd if properly setup.

It’s easy to do. Just buy regular Sorex touring car tires, cut off enough rubber to make smaller diameter tires, then use very small amount of superglue to join the tire end-to-end.

Sorex Mini Tires

Sorex Mini Tires

Above is a photo of my tires. They were immediately banned by my local racing club as they were “fabricated”. Hence I productionized them above as a joke. Anyways I guess for future races I will have to make do with Tamiya S-Grip tires. Too bad, these Sorex tires give good grip, are cheap and will last a long time.




2 Responses to “Sorex for Minis”
  1. S Rob says:

    Muchmore/Sweep make Mini Tyres(and inserts).May not be as good as Sorex, but are cheap for a pack of 4, and grip very well.

  2. rccarsrtr says:

    Hi Rob, those sweep tires look great. One reason I made my own tires is to get a bigger diameter than these 55mm tires… mine is around 57mm. Our track is big and flowing, and with my M04 limited to 19T pinion by rule, I needed a tire with good grip plus big diameter (while still within the 60mm rule).