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RC Drift Cars

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Lately I’ve been building rc drift cars. The reason I like them is that I can enjoy playing by myself in a small space without the need to drive 1 hour to my nearest on road rc  track.

I also like do drive with the rear end sticking out during a drift. Also love driving with a countersteer for a change. And I find these rc drift cars so beautifully detailed by their owners. Focus is on realism and car control. I like it. 

First for me is a 1/10 scale Tamiya TA05 using Tamiya’s driftech tires (very hard), a spool rear end and a one-way in the front. I find the spool rear end to be more consistent and easy to predict how the car will drive.

However I am a fan of the Inital D anime and decided to create a true 1/10 scale replica of the Toyota AE86 Trueno drift car. As there is none sold, I created one myself.

Photo of my true 1/10 scale rc drift car of the Intial D Toyota Trueno.

Photo of my true 1/10 scale rc drift car of the Intial D Toyota Trueno.

Right now am still learning the ropes. The more I drive, the more control I am gaining and drifting becomes more enjoyable. Maybe after a months of practise I’ll start to join the local rc drift meets. Should be fun. Try it!


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2 Responses to “RC Drift Cars”
  1. Glenn says:

    sir where can i buy that car like yours?does the lights of that rc car is working?and the front light is flipping?

  2. Joel says:

    Hi Glenn, that car is custom made, not off the shelf. The headlights do not flip, and I have not put in any LEDs yet.