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Racing RC Cars

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Thinking of joining a race? Let me share with you how fun and exciting racing rc cars can be.

I would recommend you practise first on your own. Best is to go to your local race track, be friends with nice and good racers, and ask them to teach you the right way to drive an rc car. It it important to practise the right technique rather than practise but doing wrong things and forming bad driving habits.

Masami Hirosaka, 14 times word champion, one of the legends in racing rc cars. Photo credit: Yokomo

Masami Hirosaka, 14 times word champion, one of the legends in racing rc cars. Photo credit: Yokomo

What is important is to drive without crashing or bumping into other cars. As a racer, taking care of our car is number one priority. Our car is our friend, avoid damaging it by overdriving beyond your current capability

For a total beginner, I would recommend to take around 6 months of playing and practise before joining a race. Or until where you can consistently go around a track without crashing. 

For your first race, join a class where the motor used is “stock” or the Mabuchi/Johnson 540 motor. This is where you can develop good racing lines and good driving technique. Plus the cars are easier to control and racing is close and exciting. Speeds are in the 15 – 25mph range.

There will come a time, once you consistently win or do well, you can then graduate to a class that uses a faster motor. Usually it is a super stock class wherein motors are in the 13.5 turn range. Speeds in the 25 – 35mph range.

Then ultimately you can join the modified class wherein speeds can be in the 40 – 60mph range. Definitely you need good hand/eye coordination and skills to race in this class.

Hope this helps as an introduction. For more info, browse the racing rc cars category of this site where I will share some tips on off-road and on-road racing, electric and nitro.

Thanks for reading. Let’s race!


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