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Lipo Battery Guide

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I love Lipos, they are generally maintenance free and hold their power very well. Here are some guides on charging, using and storing Lipos.

Lipo Batteries Guide

Lipo Batteries Guide


  1. Only use a Lipo charger. Do not use other types.
  2. Typically charge at 3 amps. Follow the charging guideline that comes with your battery pack.
  3. Do not connect the positive and negative together. This will short and permanently damage the battery.
  4. Do not remove the battery from its case.


  1. Do not let the voltage drop below 6 volts.
  2. Once you notice your car dropping in power, immediately stop using the battery.
  3. Do not discharge the battery after use.


  1. Store battery at 50% to 100% charge in a safe environment.
  2. If not using for long period of time, maybe better to store at only 80% charge.
  3. Store between temperatures of -20c and 35c.

Final tip is to read the instructions that come with your pack. Different packs have slightly different ways of charging rate and storing.


  1. How many times can you use a Lipo battery in a day? I have used my Lipo pack as much as 5 times during a racing afternoon with no drop in power. Just let the battery cool down before recharging.
  2. How many charge cycles can a Lipo have? I have read that some will last 1,000 charge cycles. I have packs that are 2 years old and are still going strong.
  3. What are C ratings? In general, a higher C rating should mean more power. All things equal, a 5000mAh 40c pack should be better than a 5000mAh 30c pack.

Hope this helps.


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