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Kyosho Nitro RC Cars

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One of the leading Japanese companies when it comes to nitro rc cars. Kyosho has a lot of on-road nitro cars, sometimes it can get confusing given the wide variety of choices. FW-06 Series (Good for Beginners)

Models to choose from include an Aston Martin DBR9, Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, AMB-Mercedes C-Klasse DTM and a Chevrolet Corvette C6-R. The FW-06 is fully assembled, powered by a GXR15 engine (pull start) and shaft drive 4wd transmission. Oil shocks, 2-speed automatic transmission, disk brakes, 22 ball bearings, tuned muffler, high grip rubber tires, powerful digital servos and Perfex KT-3HS transmitter round out this ready to run kit. V-One SR (Intermediate racers)

Here is a good kit to get started in nitro car racing. Duralumin main chassis, 2 bevel gear differential, 2-speed transmission, belt drivetrain, tuned muffler, low center of gravity and high power GXR-15V nitro engine.

As you skill level improves, the V-One SR can be upgraded to be similar in performance to the high end V-One RRR. As a kit, the V-One SR does not include a radio control system, body, fuel, starter and batteries for radio system. V-One RRR Evo. 2 (Advanced racers)

This is a kit for advanced racers. The Kyosho V-One RRR Evo2 is the 2008-2009 IFMAR 1/10 GP on-road world champion. Subject geometry subject x2 geometry the protractor postulate up angle addition postulate printer-friendly tips for writing a good essay version your friends like us. Technical highlights include Duralumin main chassis,  2 speed spur gear, 2 speed clutch shoe, and more.

Kyosho nitro rc cars. Photo credit: kyosho. com

Kyosho nitro rc cars. Photo credit: kyosho. com

As a racing kit, typically not included are radio control system, engine, body, fuel, starter and batteries for radio system.

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