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HPI Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Evo

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81km/h is how fast HPI’s nitro rs4 evo can run. Highlights include a powerful T3.0 nitro engine, shaft drive 4wd, oil filled shocks, 2 speed transmission, aluminum tuned exhaust pipe and chrome wheels.

The HPI Nitro RS4 is ready to run (rtr) and comes with a radio gear, HPI T3.0 engine with RotoStart. Below is a video to get you excited.


What makes it great is the realistic body kits such as a Honda NSX GT, Nissan Greddy 350Z, Ford ’66 Mustang GT, Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda, 1967 Chevrolet Corvette and Fujitsubo HPI Impreza.

The HPI RS4 Evo 3 nitro rc car. Photo credit:

The HPI RS4 Evo 3 nitro rc car. Photo credit:

If you’re new to nitro rc cars, this is a good ready to run model to get you started quickly. Just remember to start out slow and drive carefully, 81kph is very fast and can cause injuries. Run only in enclosed rc tracks or secluded empty parking lots.

Remember to take care and have fun.



3 Responses to “HPI Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Evo”
  1. Brian says:

    This thing is “Insane” I had to take it to a very large empty parking lot,
    after the proper 3 tank “break in” I “Stepped on it” and “OH MY GOD” .

    I think I will put one of those “Drift computers” in the car to help it
    turn better, I am spinning out a lot. (Not very good at timing the throttle in the turns) so the Drift Gyro will give me some good drifting.

    This thing is “madness on wheels”.

  2. admin says:

    A good speed for me is 20 to 40mph. Any faster would need a very large space to run and usually difficult to control.

  3. i git one form my dad and mom they both bought me one for christmas it goes 80 i whont one goes 90 or 100 but i dont git a place to run it but i can ply with it so kool. thinks