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Gas Powered RC Cars

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Here are 1/5 scale rc cars and trucks powered by 23cc to 26cc engines using regular gasoline or petrol. This makes it cheaper than 1/10 scale nitro. A tank of gasoline would usually provide 30 minutes of continuous runtime!

These big scale rc models are also easier to see. And with big bodies, racing is more accurate and realistic. 30 minute runtimes also lend to long races, more fun. There are many classes in 1/5 scale such as Formula 1, Touring Cars and the Bajas/Desert Trucks. There is even an IFMAR 1/5 th Scale I. C. (Gas) Circuit World Championship. 1/5 scale Formula 1

Popular are gasoline powered Formula 1 cars from FG Modellsport GMBH. Powered by 26ccm engine, speeds are nearing 60mph. Their competition model comes with lower alloy wishbones, FG viscous differential, alloy shock absorbers and more.

Gas rc cars. Photo credit: www. fg-modellsport-gmbh. de

Gas rc cars. Photo credit: www. fg-modellsport-gmbh. de

1/5 scale Gas Powered I. C. Touring Cars

The competition EVO 08 is the European, German and World Champion gas rc car in 2007. The chassis in the photo below is simply pure craftsmanship and a work of art.

Gas Powered RC Car. The seventies in black and white race remained an explosive issue in the 1970's <a  href=academic essay writing i. Photo credit: www. fg-modellsport-gmbh. de” width=”580″ height=”336″ />

Gas Powered RC Car. Photo credit: www. fg-modellsport-gmbh. de

So if you are lucky enough to have a big rc track or wide open space, you will surely enjoy these 1/5 big scale gas powered rc cars. One online hobby shop that I’ve seen to carry this is HobbyTron. Visit the For Sale section of this website for more info.

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