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Electric RC Cars

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Hi and welcome to the electric rc cars page. Hope the tips and resources here will help you get started and enjoy the hobby for a long time. The blog link traditional home button featuring an underlying touch id sensor is present. Let’s begin. For Beginners

Most of my electric powered rc cars are from a company called Tamiya. I like their models, realistic and easy to assemble. And if you do not like assembling, Tamiya has ready to run (RTR) models. HPI is another company I like, their radio control cars are very durable. Their ready to run kits are good out of the box. And if you later want to race, their sister company HotBodies sells racing level kits. Team Associated is very popular in the USA. In the early days well known for 1/12th scale on road, they also have some electric on road kits such as the TCx series of models. Getting Started

Electric rc cars have a few items you need to buy: 1) the car, 2) radio control transmitter/servo, 3) electronic speed control, 4) 7. 2v battery pack for the car, 5) peak battery charger for the 7. 2v battery pack, and 6) 8-AA sized batteries for the transmitter.

Items you need to buy with electric rc cars.

Items you need to buy with electric rc cars.

Companies sometimes sell kits only (no motor, speed control, battery). Some kits have motor, speed control but no battery or radio. And some have it all in one box (car, motor, speed control, radio control unit, battery pack). These are commonly called ready to run (i. e. RTR). I personally started of with “toy” quality cars that are commonly sold in department stores. And I started in 1978, so the quality is not as good as the “toys” sold today. But these toys were the cheapest in the hobby, and served a good purpose of training me how to drive. Later, my parents bought me my first true hobby quality rc kit, the 1/10 Tamiya Ford Ranger XLT. Had to buy the radio controller, battery and charger separately. This was probably one of the happiest day in my life, and I can still remember going to the shop and buying the kit. Now I have quite a few in my room and do a bit of racing and sometime even “body kit” painting contest. I enjoy the hobby so much that I enjoy maintaning my RCCartips. com and RCCarsRTR. com website plus my videos on Youtube. As long as it has something to do with RC, I love it. Hope you browse this site and eventually buy your own kit. Thanks and have fun!


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