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Cheap RC Cars

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Hi, if you are looking for cheap rc cars, I would recommend electric powered (on or off road). There are great hobby quality rc cars from Tamiya, HPI, Associated, etc. Cheapest would be the smaller scale.

For example, a 1/36 Losi Micro T, complete with battery, charger, and radio control system, sells for approximately $80.

Photo of cheap rc cars. Comparisons and buying guide.

Photo of cheap rc cars. Comparisons and buying guide.

For 1/10 scale on road, one of the cheapest is the Tamiya TT01 expert built (XB) sereies. These come already assembled. Only thing you need to buy is the 7.2v battery pack, charger and 8aa batteries for the transmitter. Sells for approximately $ 250.

For HPI, look for their E10 RTR models (approx $160) and their HPI RTR Sprint 2 Sport Toureza (approx $179).

Here is the list of the cheapest ready to run (RTR) top 20 electric powered rc cars. Please note these are estimated selling price and might vary from different hobby shops.

Company On/Off Road Scale Category Model Price
Losi Off Road 1/36 Stadium Micro Desert Truck $89
Losi Off Road 1/18 Stadium Mini-T $99
Duratrax Off Road 1/10 Buggy Evader EXB $109
Duratrax Off Road 1/14 Crawler Cliff Climber $119
Losi Off Road 1/18 Stadium Mini-Desert Truck $129
Tamiya On Road 1/10 Mini Mini Cooper 94 Monte Carlo M03 $149
Tamiya Off Road 1/10 Buggy Grasshopper XB $149
HPI On Road 1/10 Touring E10 $159
HPI Off Road 1/10 Buggy Brama 10b $164
Tamiya Off Road 1/10 Buggy Lunch Box XB $169
Tamiya Off Road 1/10 Buggy Hornet XB $169
Losi Off Road 1/18 Sprint Mini-Slider $179
Traxxas Off Road 1/10 Short Course Slash $189
Duratrax On Road 1/18 Rally Vendetta $189
Losi Off Road 1/18 Monster Mini-LST2 $219
Losi Off Road 1/10 Short Course Strike $229
Traxxas Off Road 1/16 Short Course Slash VXL 4WD $239
Losi Off Road 1/18 Crawler Mini-Rock Crawler $239
Tamiya On Road 1/10 Drift Lexus GS400 Drift Spec TT-01D XB $245
HPI On Road 1/10 Drift Sprint 2 Drift Assembled  $247


Hope this helps you make a buying decision. You can buy these r/c cars online, visit the RC Cars For Sale section of this website for a list of online hobby shops.

Have fun!


5 Responses to “Cheap RC Cars”
  1. charles says:

    isnt the lunchbox a 1/12 scale? you have it as a1/10

  2. rccarsrtr says:

    Hi Charles, you have an eagle eye, thanks for pointing that out. Your are correct, the Lunchbox is 1/12 scale.


  3. Jake says:

    I just saw a 1/10 scale Raptor Traxx from Extreme Machines ( in Costco for $79.99. RTR with battery, controller and charger. 540 motor with claim of 17 to 20 mph on flat surface. AWD.

    Would this be a good buy? Price seems really good compared to what you have listed. Is there a catch here?

    Not being sure about my commitment yet, I think this would fit my bill.

    – Jake

  4. rccarsrtr says:

    hi Jake,

    At $79.99 that’s probably a toy quality. But if you want to try out the hobby cheaply, go for it. Then when you really like the hobby, go for the hobby quality kits mentioned on the list.

    Catch is these probably have no spare parts, once something breaks, you usually cannot repair it. It might not be fully digital proportional (e.g. steering and acceleration is very rough/vague).

    Hope this helps.


  5. Anonymous says:

    raptor traxx and thunder traxx are hobby grade, same as tamiya df 02 chassis

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